About Us

Code Experts LLC was founded by a team of information technology veterans in the United States with a vision of building an agile, innovative and efficient organization that increases our client’s shareholder value.

The Code Experts leadership team is leveraging our experience in running both venture backed and public technology companies with operations across multiple continents to build the optimal company.

Code Experts provides services across the software development lifecycle through partnerships with clients ranging from start-ups to large technology companies. We offer two main service lines: Offshore Product Development and Independent Software Testing. Our infrastructure, methodology, team design, employee profile and client relationship models are designed to maximize the success of our clients in which we can help reduce time to market and increase quality. Most importantly, our culture is defined to encourage our highly experienced teams to deliver innovative solutions that don’t just meet our client’s needs, but also exceed their expectations.

Our objective with our clients is to collaboratively build success stories. With every client’s engagement, we expect both Code Experts and our clients to share stories of successful projects, products and relationships that we grow and develop each day. We are proud to say that since the start of Code Experts, we have had 100% success rate with each client we have worked with. If you are interested in learning more about Code Experts and working with us to write your own success story, click here.

Why Code Experts?

Code Experts  was founded to be an innovative offshore product development organization since our inception.

  • Experienced local management team led by pioneers in the US  IT industry
  • Infrastructure built to international standards
  • Committed to hiring and retaining a the best talent
  • Code Experts Development Center combines the value of a highly capable staff with a low cost outsourcing destination.

Code Experts Value Proposition

At Code Experts, we follow a client-success-driven philosophy in serving each client. We continually challenge ourselves each day, regarding how we can drive more value and help our clients grow and succeed. Below is our value proposition.

  • Highly regarded outsourcing destination: Low cost, highly skilled workforce with low attrition
  • 20+ years of Offshore Product Development Expertise with ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)
  • Domain knowledge in Finance, Payments, Billing, Web Development and e-Commerce
  • Technology skills in MS technology stack,  Open Source Development  and Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse
  • Focused on serving small to midsize technology companies
  • Every client is ecstatic and reference-abl