ISVs often need to focus their internal resources on quickly bringing innovative products to market that increase their market-share and generate revenue. While the focus on new products and new clients is important, not loosing sight of the need to support and maintain current products and customers is vital. Often, ISVs have contractual SLAs, their reputation, relationships with current customers, and ongoing revenue is at stake based upon how effectively they perform application maintenance and support.Code Experts can provide turn-key end-to-end services including product support (Level 1, 2) and maintenance services (Level 3). In engaging with KMS, we don’t simply try to fix defects, we try to structure our application maintenance relationships to measurably reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.Code Experts has a proven application maintenance framework, metrics and team structure that we tailor to each of our clients specific requirements to improve their business performance.

  • ISV’s Support becomes a profit center and higher value service due to lower support costs and more compelling enhancement services
  • Measurable increase in ISV’s customer satisfaction metrics resulting in ongoing maintenance revenues and upselling of other products
  • Longer life of product due to ongoing improvement in product architecture, and quality
  • Allows ISVs to focus on innovation and accelerating their time to market with new products

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