Data is now a strategic asset to ISVs. An ISV’s data is not just a differentiation point now, but ISV can leverage data as a monetization vehicle.

The ability to analyze and manage data both inside and outside the enterprise is critical. Furthermore, having the tools to be able to deal with structured and unstructured data is a must. Companies who were once worried about terabytes are now managing or planning for petabytes and zetabytes.

Code Experts’s Data Analytics and Business Intelligence services allow ISVs to effectively turn massive amounts of data into a strategic advantage in the market.

Code Experts has clients whose sole business is centered on data and others who simply provide the tools to their clients to manage their data as part of their solution. In either scenario, Code Experts can help at a strategic level or help execute and build out strategies that are already in place. We offer a holistic business-result oriented approach to optimize the management of data within and across an ISV and the eco-system the ISV lives within.
Code Experts Technology’s Data warehousing & Business intelligence


  • Increased revenues from differentiated or new business lines based upon analytics solutions
  • Reduced operating expenses through optimized use of existing hardware, software and data
  • Reduced time to market with scaled analytic solutions

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