Enterprises across a variety of market sectors trust our proven and robust testing processes to enhance their testing precision, reduce costs and decrease cycle times. Moreover, the current business environment demands a more robust and dynamic solution in less time and with limited resources. The risks of releasing a product without adequate test coverage can have greater implications now than ever before, because of the change in user expectations and demands. Code Experts’s lifecycle testing service helps software vendors and business users assure that their software behaves as anticipated and operates at a high quality.Our team of experts begins with an assessment of your application; understanding your product objectives, and a recommendation of a strategic testing approach that best aligns with your test and business objectives. Then, we will tailor our approach, which will include the following disciplines: Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Interoperability & Compatibility Testing, and User Acceptance Testing.


  • Streamlined testing process for the whole software development lifecycle helps eliminate defects early, where it is more cost-effective to fix them
  • Leverage experience working on enterprise application systems from various industries, our team can efficiently contribute to developing a fit-for-use software product
  • Playing end user roles and testing on production-like environments help reducing bug escape significantly within half year of engagement
  • Our home grown automated testing framework integrates seamlessly with commercial and open source tools so our clients can leverage existing licensed tools or adopt new tools suitable for their need
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