Designing and adhering to a productive test process is a considerable challenge for most organizations, especially with the agility of the modern business landscape and its software development environment. At Code Experts our team of seasoned QA consultants’ has many years’ experience and unparalleled industry knowledge in providing advisory services to various organizations worldwide.
We leverage our structured evaluation framework and our deep expertise with proven methodologies to provide you with a high quality QA Consulting Service.  Our approach and solution to each client is customized and tailored to their budgetary, business and technical needs through the 3 areas as shown below:
  • Test Process Assessment, Definition and Deployment – We offer a detailed gap analysis for the current processes, recommend and implement changes. We also help clients establish a metric-driven quality methodology to track tangible results from the process improvements, with a roadmap for continuous improvement.
  • Test Strategy, Tools and Frameworks – Our team can help in evaluating and recommending testing tools that best suit client product environment, process being used and team skill set. Tools are recommended based on the most efficient deployment model that integrates seamlessly with software lifecycle procedures and other infrastructure needs.
  • Best Practices Training – Our consulting team can successfully guide client with a tailored approach leveraging agile, risk-based testing exploratory testing or several other approaches and estimation methodologies.


  • Achieve cost savings and meet efficiency objectives of your organization with a defined roadmap
  • Help define your current and desired future state Streamline your testing process by leveraging tools and practices that best suit your organization
  • Quantify your product and process quality by applying a metric-driven approach to provide insights into your release cycles
  • Focus on issue prevention rather than issue correction, to reduce defect leakage to production, thereby decreasing overall costs and faster time-to-market

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